To grow peppers, one needs to be constantly looking for the optimal growth method. Harmonizing light, adjusting nutrition and climate is crucial for better crops, as is operational management efficiency.

Sweet Pepper Consultancy is specialised in this field and strives for quality. Quality of your pepper crops, of the entire process chain and of our advice.

Sweet Pepper Consultancy assists and empowers:
• Pepper farmers
• Scientific research centers
• Plant growers
• Seed companies
• Third parties (e.g. suppliers of greenhouse materials and nutrition)

We provide solid advice through intensive collaboration with our clients. But we don’t stop once the advice is given; we will also help implement the improvement proposals for the entire chain of processes in your company and the partners it works with.
Sweet Pepper Consultancy helps to connect your company to its suppliers and customers. Together we consult them to determine their needs and demands. It is our experience that companies that communicate in this way have a greater chance of building a solid, lasting business relationship that empowers all parties involved.
Innovation of all aspects concerning the product, energy, resources and sustainability is Sweet Pepper Consultancy’s second nature. We aim to open up possibilities for your company to act on current developments and profit from them. We welcome the future and all changes it implies as a challenge!